Sunspace Porch Enclosures

A porch enclosure can bring new life to your space, and allow you to keep it clean, bug free, and protected from the sun. FSBD can create the porch of your dreams utilizing the wide variety of window and door treatments that Sunspace offers.

Our WeatherMaster Window and Door Systems are exclusive to Sunspace and are designed specifically for creating a wide variety of amazing porches, sunrooms and patio enclosures. They are easily installed and can convert any area into your favorite 3-season room in the house!

WeatherMaster Windows

Exclusive to Sunspace and designed specifically for porches, sunrooms and patio enclosures, WeatherMaster Window Systems are easily installed and can convert any open area into your favorite 3-Season Room in the house! Vertical or horizontal 2 and 4-track vinyl windows are maintenance-free units custom made to fit your openings exactly.

FSBD can custom design your open space to combine the breezy, open air feeling of a screen room with the comfort, convenience and safety of an enclosed porch. Sunspace windows are made with View Flex vinyl glazing (it’s more durable than glass!) and available in a variety of tints that lets you control the sunlight through infinitely adjustable windows. Your windows can be positioned to effortlessly stack up, stack down or bunch in the middle to enjoy up to 75% ventilation.

Door Systems

The Sunspace Vertical Four Track Entry Door is built for sunroom and porch enclosure applications. Featuring inset WeatherMaster windows, these entry doors allow for maximum ventilation and control the sunlight with a variety of tint options. You can choose from a single or French Style double door with WeatherMaster vinyl windows or optional Glass windows. These versatile, durable WeatherMaster entry doors from Sunspace unify the look of your sunroom or porch enclosure while adding to its beauty and functionality.

WeatherMaster Aluminum Bi-fold Door Systems

This European designed system offers above ground bottom running with multiple threshold options. The hardware components and system are custom designed to give maximum carry capacity, whilst offering slim sightlines, oversized doors and minimum profiles.

The system is easily fabricated, and the doors can open in or out using the same profiles. The sash and outer frame are both the same depth, and it gives excellent thermal values. It is a truly inline system with custom hardware resulting in a high performance and very desirable attractive door. Sunspace WeatherMaster Plus are standard with WeatherMaster Vertical-4-Track windows, with options for single glazed tempered and full thermal Insulating Glass.


Our Sunspace sunroom owners enjoy spending a great deal of time in their indoor/outdoor living spaces but sometimes want the added comfort and privacy of shade during the day. Often referred to as “sunglasses” for your windows, Sunshades from Sunspace are custom fitted to your sunroom and block harmful UV rays. Ideal for media rooms, studies, or any sun-facing room where sun or glare control is desired.

And just as importantly, when Sunshades are ordered with a new sunroom, no additional measurements are needed. Your Sunshades will be custom sized to suit your Windows, delivered with your new Sunroom and installed by Factory Trained professionals.