Deck & Railing Systems

Sunspace offers an aluminum decking system like no other on the market. It stays cooler than other decking materials, is watertight and comes in different color pallets. It is also perfect for both residential and commercial applications. Once the deck is installed there is no maintenance required and no worries about the material warping, fading or weathering from the harsh sun.

Our railings offer the same durability as the decking along with the peace of mind that comes with added safety. With several designs to choose from, you can create a deck and railing system to complement your home or place of business.

For more detailed information on Sunspace deck and railing systems, please refer to the Products section of this site.

Railing Systems

Traditional Aluminum Picket Railings & Fences

Style, safety and design flexibility are the cornerstones of our Sunspace Aluminum Railing Systems and fences. With a variety of colors to choose from, you have the versatility to match the color of your new Sunroom to the existing exterior of your home, cottage or business.

Sunspace offers a great selection of handrail and picket and belly picket designs with unlimited options for customization. Our virtually maintenance free Railing Systems & Fencing Systems are code compliant and suitable for residential or commercial use.

Traditional Glass

Sunspace Sunrooms Glass Railings are the premier railing system on the market! Virtually maintenance free, Sunspace Traditional Glass Railings are available in a variety of styles and colors and are custom built to match your home, cottage, business, deck or sunroom additions.

With aluminum pickets and 10mm tempered safety glass, your Sunspace Traditional Glass Railings provide safety, elegance and an unobstructed view. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and work well on stairs.

Contemporary Topless Glass Railings

Here’s your chance to preserve your outdoor views with the premier glass railing system on the market! Sunspace Sunrooms is a company dedicated to offering consumers low-maintenance solutions to any railing application. Sunspace Contemporary (Topless) Glass Railings are stylish, safe and virtually maintenance free. And they come with a variety of options, colors and customizations to suit your home, cottage, business, deck or sunroom addition.

With aluminum pickets and 10mm tempered safety glass suitable for use indoors and outdoors, these railings provide you with safety, elegance and a completely unobstructed view.

Integrated Screen Picket Railings

Looking for a solution that can effectively screen your deck, patio or balcony? Sunspace Integrated Railing Systems offer a stylish, safe railing solution with Integrated Better Vue Screens to suit your needs! They are perfectly suitable for applications where a screened in space is desired and building codes require railings for safety.

Choose from our selection of Traditional Aluminum Picket Railings in a variety of colors and configurations. Then, enjoy your indoor/outdoor living space knowing your family and guests are safe from insects, weather and heights.

Decking Systems

AlumaDeck – Aluminum Decking System

Aluminum is the most versatile choice when it comes to decking. Sunspace Alumadeck is slip resistant and watertight. And if you’re worried about maintenance, aluminum is essentially maintenance free for the life of the product. It will not rust, crack, fade or degrade from the elements and UV exposure like wood, plastics or other composites.

Best of all, it’s totally Green (meaning eco-friendly)! Aluminum does not require chemical treatments like other materials. So you and your family can feel safe knowing your beautiful new deck and railing system is free from harmful toxins, will not impact the environment and can be recycled! Aluminum is a thermal conductor, so it does not hold heat like other materials, and is fire safe up to 1,220° F (660° C)! Your beautiful Aluminum Decking System is suitable for home, cottage or commercial use, and can be integrated with a variety of railing and sunroom products. It is guaranteed to outlast any wood, membrane or plastic based products.

ThermaDeck – Thermal Aluminum Decking System

Thermadeck is a simple, highly efficient, quick to install decking system that provides superior thermal performance and substantially greater strength than conventional stud construction. Our Thermal Poly Deck System consists of panels with a 3.5″, 5.5″ and 7.25″ core of insulation sandwiched between two 1/2″ oriented strand boards. That affords our Therma-Deck a 25% better insulation rating than conventional flooring construction! ThermaDeck eliminates costly foundation work, and the finished surface can receive carpet, laminate, tile or almost any type of flooring.

Framing, insulation and vapor barriers are all manufactured at Sunspace and our FSBD staff are well trained in the production and installation of all decking products. This minimizes labor costs and ensures the highest quality deck installation. All panels are laminated in the Sunspace factory to the size and specifications needed for your job, and the deck is assembled on site using a basic tongue and groove style.